Grind Over Matter

by Tower of Wankers

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released January 1, 2012

Pete O'File (Matt Moss): Vocals, All instruments, Drum programming



all rights reserved


Tower of Wankers Lancashire, UK

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Track Name: Eggs and Speed
Two Glaswegians, in a one man tent
Jar of eggs, and a bag of speed
Accent thick, it's too Scottish to tell
Speaking at one decibel

No thank you, I don't want an egg
They smell like fucking death

It's ok I don't want your speed
I just want to go to sleep

Early morning, a plume of smoke arises
Like an mushroom cloud
Who the fuck has a bong at 5 am, just after waking up?

Father/son? I couldn't say?
All I'm sure of is - they're not gay
Threatening demeanour
But it's just because they're Glaswegians

Why do I feel so unsafe?
Where my pants to bed, just in case...
Track Name: Turnbull Rising
Descending the wooden hill every morning
I yearn to look upon your blessed visage
Lord of the bees, that hath dominion over me

Keeper of the secrets, master of worldly happenings
my brethren live by your reckoning

The Tendrils of your unholy mind unfurl
and probe the depths of our desires

One day you shall be deified
In your name, we cover the earth in a fire
That shall cleanse the unbelievers from your sight
We will die, so that you can destroy the light

Speak unto me, your wish is my command

Open the gates and send forth your stinging swarm, to envelop the earth

Master Turnbull lord of darkness
Send your bees to cleanse this madness

Great father of the morning rise, in this, the final hour
The heretics shall weep, when Turnbull comes to power

Turnbull senden Sie Ihre Krieger Bienen her, um diese bittere Welt reinigen!